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Dave : BIG_Dave

Primary Weapon : M700.

Backup Weapon : M11.

Airsofting since : About one and a half years, but have been AWOL for a few months now!

Most likely to say : Why do you insist on using Devon pasties!

Least likely to say : Dont worry, you have all the ketchup, I dont mind, seriously, take it...

Play style and team role : I tend to spend most of my time looking out for the other people with longer ranged weapons, taking away the enemys range advantage.

Best ever airsoft moment : Sitting by the gate under a tree at Stirling just shooting yank-a-like after yank-a-like or when CI came down and me and pretty boy had a little competition goin'.

Ideal airsoft event : Woodbury Common.Imense amounts of gorse bush to cam in.

Recommended piece of airsoft related kit : Good pair of boots. Look after your feet, if they break down, they cannot carry you into battle!

Like most about airsoft : Adrenaline when people next to you accidently set off a 12gauge.

Like least about airsoft : Not being able to go very often cos they always play when I'm not on leave!