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Mark Ormerod : Blondie

Primary Weapon : Supressed Beta Spetsnaz.

Backup Weapon : Full metal Tanaka M629 - Urban / Marushin 8mm Super Redhawk - Woodland.

Airsofting since : Some time in 1992.

Most likely to say : Something liabellous about your mum.

Least likely to say : Alyson Hannigan's a bit rough.

Play style and team role : Shiney mortal hero.

My style is generally fast, aggressive and done with a pistol in 1 hand and a 12 gauge Dynatex in the other. I work extremely well with all the team, although I have a special relationship with Victor as I've known and been playing alongside him for nigh on 13 years. When he heads out sniping I tend to spot for him as we both have an unerring ability to know exactly what the other is thinking. My speciality is woodland - I love a tactical game with the odds stacked well against you. I'm at home up to my waste in freezing cold water or mud - in fact the colder, wetter and thicker the forest the better. I feel totally at home in the woods and its probably where I'm truly happy. I'm a squad leader for the team - and my other love is fast, furious building entry and clearance.

Best ever airsoft moment : The infamous "balls of steel" moment at Crickhowell - before teaming up with Brocky and going through and holding the Pump House like a dose of salts.

Ideal airsoft event : A week in the highlands of Scotland - 24/7 - full on war. Total hardc0re airsoft.

Recommended piece of airsoft related kit : A Camelbak full of lucozade sport mix. Best thing I ever bought - and a huge tip of the hat to Medium Al' for the heads up on the rehydration powder.

Like most about airsoft : TeamKGB. If TeamKGB was a woman I'd make sweet love to her and treat her right.

Like least about airsoft : Unreliable kit and frothers. Neither have a place in my world.