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Alex von Brockdorff : Brocky

Primary Weapon : AK47.

Backup Weapon : Full metal SS Silenced USP45c

Airsofting since : 2001

Most likely to say : Ding Dong...Woof Woof...bum bum!

Least likely to say : No Blondie....your arse actually looks quite small...

Play style and team role : Play style?...Ummm...Running, Jumping, standing still...shot you - FLAG - hat BANG!!! (cf: Izzard) To be honest I adapt my play style to the situation, if I need to be sneaky, I'll be sneaky, however if I need to get half undressed, strap spades and spatulas to myself and then take on 15 delta clad BHD wannabe's with a BB blowpipe- then hey! I'm your man! Best ever airsoft moment : Any moment when I get to drop all my kit apart from my pistol and spare mag and take on all comers, other than that defending the boiler house with Blondie at Stirling's Cwrt-y-gollen training camp...

Ideal airsoft event : An airsoft game played against half n*ked women covered in chocolate with spades and spatulas...Asparag... umm lets just leave it at that!

Recommended piece of airsoft related kit : Guarder glasses- nuff said- I dont wanna go blind! Guarder glasses give maximum protection with minimum fuss...REAL MEN WEAR FACIAL SCARS!

Like most about airsoft : Gas Pistols (when they work).

Like least about airsoft : Cheating b*stards.