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**Classified** : Hacksaw

Primary Weapon : Varies.

Backup Weapon : Varies even more.

Airsofting since : April 2003.

Most likely to say : The hostage has been executed.

Least likely to say : Request permission to execute the hostage.

Play style and team role : Basically a member of the squad, any role will do. Bit of a Jack of all trades but I do enjoy a decent progressive building assault. One where the fighting does not degenerate into pot shots around corners with neither side making headway. However more relevant to Alamo, jungle stalking. Whether part of a team sweep or trying to infiltrate, just being there makes it for me.

Best ever airsoft moment : Sniper shot, extremes of range and not wanting to do a head shot. I compensated for trajectory and got exactly the spot I wanted, right elbow (Only the face and right arm were visible).

Ideal airsoft event : Almost any, I enjoy Airsofting for what it should be - fun. Only when they stop being fun, not through challenges or weather, but through cheating, do I stop enjoying them.

Recommended piece of airsoft related kit : My Camelbak definately. You can work with any weapon, but you need water.

Like most about airsoft : The camaraderie.

Like least about airsoft : People who take it all too seriously.