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Tanaka Gold SAA Civilian

Rather than waffle on about all the technical aspects of this lovely gun by Tanaka you can get all that from Blondie's review that can be found here. There are some subtle differences between the two as Blondie's is the Fast Draw Special (FDS) meaning it has a working discharging rod that you need to use to load the BB's into the 6 chambers, where as this version just has a spring loading rod meaning you have 15 rounds that load with every pull of the trigger, which is much easier, but less realistic. Also the trigger pull is much smoother on the FDS's and I believe the FDS has more metal content than mine, which has the trigger, chamber and discharging rod all being metal. Like the FDS, it has a fixed hop and runs on HFC22 or propane, unfortunately I haven't got an FPS as I've yet to chrono it, but I believe it to be around the 350 mark. My short review is mainly on the pimp aspects of the gun, modeled by my lovely assistant.

Right, onto this version of the gun… I've got a reputation within TeamKGB of being the teams pimp due to my various nocturnal activities and my love of all things shiny gun wise. When I saw Blondie and Victor get their SAA's I thought, hummmm nice, and it got my brain thinking (a very rare occurrence) I'd had my "twins" for almost 4 years and was thinking about getting another sidearm. So one vodka fuelled evening around Blondie's house I decided to go the revolver route as well, but me being me I opted for the Tanaka SAA gold and silver edition!

After about a week of me bugging Blondie every five minutes to see if it had arrived yet, it turned up from HK. As soon as I opened the box I fell instantly in love, the gold finish was of a very good quality which did impress me as some of my other pimper guns the gold coloring is very fake looking. It was also a nice shiny gold color meaning it went very well with the silver parts of the gun all in all making it look very pimp indeed. However, the one let down was the grips, it came with, some rubbish quality black plastic grips which on a silver and gold gun looked awful, and also felt horrible.

I just couldn't live with the gun in this state and had to get the grips changed. After all, my style of Airsofting is form over function! First of all some wood grips came to mind as the grips on Blondie's and Victors SAA's had a very good finish to them, however the wood was kinda dark and when I tried Blondie's grips really didn't look that great. I was stuck in a dilemma, did I leave the rubbish plastic grips on, or go for some of the not so great looking wood grips available on DEN and WGC, but then, in a sudden stroke of rare genius, Blondie pointed out e-bay. So surely enough after one lunchtime of frantic e-bay searching a whole host of SAA grips for real steal SAA's came up, unfortunately all where based in the US posing some trouble as not all US e-bayers like posting to overseas, especially when gun parts are involved! Also some real steal grips don't fit on their Airsoft counterparts. However I came across the perfect grips, when I saw them I knew I had to get them, faux pearl grips, obviously light in colour meaning they would go extremely well with the gold and silver finish on the SAA.

After another week of waiting the grips arrived from the US nicely packaged and a very prompt delivery considering it came from overseas. The grips where even better than the e-bay picture and thankfully due to some heavenly blessing, the grips fitted exactly! There was no bodging needed on my part at all, and the end result was teak inducing, as the pictures show. Also the grips are very nice to hold as they are nice and smooth, yet not too slippery. As a special treat I've asked a very good friend of mine to pose with the pimp gun to really show off the lines of the gun…. Honest…