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Western Arms Beretta 92F INOX perfect pimp version.

As with my Tanaka SAA pimp gun this short review will be mainly based on the pimp aspects of this gun, kindly helped by some handy pictures I just happened to take of one of my "lady friends".

Firstly the gun is a WA 92F INOX perfect version, which itself is a very nice gun with a nice metal look to the ABS plastic. It's more of a practical looking chrome shine compared to the TM 92F Chrome version, which is of a more shiny looking paintjob on the ABS. Also being a WA pistol it came with the, in my opinion, boring plastic grips with the official berretta logo rather than the nice hogue grips the TM comes with, but as you will see that will change. The mags are standard Beretta mags however and can take about 25 rounds, however I tend to underload my mags to reduce that annoying first shot jam you can get on a fully loaded mag. As with all Western arms it can take any gas however I tend to use HFC22 or propane to get the most out of it, giving me an approx FPS of 280fps.

The gun was made available to me via the teams gun dealer Hacksaw, who like most of his deals with the team, gave me a stupidly cheap deal on a barely used GBB with three mags for the messily sum of 50! Bargain! Also I wasn't satisfied with having just two pimp guns, I wanted more!

After posting some screen stills from Romeo and Juliet on our forums "Gun P0rn" thread Hacksaw and myself were talking about making a gun similar to the ones in the film, so it was then that I commissioned him to paint various parts of the gun gold! Namely the barrel, hammer, safety, mag eject button, trigger, and some other prominent parts of the gun. The results of which can be seen in the first picture.

Once I received the gun, it was still missing something, and being somewhat of a gun pimp I wasn't satisfied with just the excellent work by Hacksaw, it needed something more. The thing that was disappointing me were the rubbish plastic grips. That once again set me off on a mad ebay search which ended up with me being disappointed even further. I then came across the official hogue website found here, and I started drooling! However, once I placed an order I was once again disappointed in the fact the grips I wanted, some rather nice wood ones, weren't in stock for 10 weeks! So I was once again back to square one. Hacksaw knew my plight (mainly through my rantings on MSN), and he spotted some rather nice grips on WGC for the TM Beretta's so I bit the bullet and got him to order them for me, so yet again I had to wait for a HK order to arrive!

After another week or two of waiting, I finally got the grips on the day of KGB's Christmas do, my first impressions where "fu*king hell they are heavy" when they said metal grips, they meant it. None of this airy fairy aluminum rubbish just pure steel, there was a slight worry as we first thought the grips may not fit but luckily I had one of the teams airsmiths with me at the time so we set to work with my very special airsoft screw opening device (read dinner knife), and we got the grips on. My word, we where both shocked, the gun gained a good few pounds and felt VERY solid, but more importantly, they where extremely pimp! The gun almost doubled in weight, without even needing a metal frame or slide and feels more like a small club rather than an airsoft GBB. Not only are the grips very pimp but they are also quite ergonomic and much more comfortable than the standard plastic grips. And, as you can see, coupled with Hacksaw's paintjob and modeled by my "willing model" makes for a very pimp gun indeed.