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Western Arms - Cougar Wild.

I love gas guns, there’s something about the blowback and noise that makes them, nice.

After using the Centurion Bodyguard for a couple of months, I was toying with the idea of another pistol, but something smaller this time in a “Compact Carry” role.

Scanning through the WGC listings for Western Arms Beretta’s, I found myself drawn to the M8045 range. WA had just released the Cougar Warrior, and while I’m not too keen on it’s styling, I do like the look of the base model.

The M8045 has a length of 182mm compared with 208mm for the Bodyguard so it should be easier to draw and use. Sounds ideal, so why did I buy the Cougar Wild, which has an overall length of 209mm? Must be something to do with the muzzle block (there must be a Freudian explanation).

Anyway, after receiving the beastie from I was pleased to discover the finish on the slide is not shiny like the Inox models, but has more of a satin finish. The piece has all of the usual WA refinements, like correct markings and Magna blowback. A very nice weight afforded by the lump of metal attached to the front end (which, like the Bodyguard, makes setting the hop a real pain).

The muzzle block again stays put when the gun is shot, and the extended barrel has a 14mm positive thread on it for attaching a silencer.

It also has some nice features taken from the real steel. The slide is different from the 92 series as it is a closed design, with an ejector port cut out. Inside this is the breach cover, which sports the “45 AUTO” markings. Another nice touch is that this breach rotates when the slide moves replicating the same movement that happens in real life. I suppose it must assist ejection, but it’s nice to see in a replica. I have also read somewhere that this model range has the real grips supplied by Beretta themselves.

Speaking of the grips, they are very ergonomic and sit well in the hand.

The gun is not listed as having Type-R magazines so it should be fired in the upright position to get the most out of it.

Shooting the piece gives a very nice punchy blowback, which immediately feels harder than the 92 series. Accuracy is good too, despite not setting the hop from factory.

Under a Chrono test it spat a BB out at a consistent 330fps, though this test was done late in the day after it had been holstered next to my body, it backs up a “poor mans Chrono” test I performed after receiving it. It also had no problems shooting all 25 BB’s out before locking back with gas still in the mag.

It looks promising for the 8045, very promising.