Kit reviews

8/13/2002 : FN Project 90 - The Stargate enthusiast's weapon of choice Daniel Jackson explains why the P90 is his weapon of choice.

7/30/2002 : MP5 Multi-Review. Alamo's Airsmith reviews the ICS, CA and TM MP5's.

7/30/2002 : Tanaka M36 Chief's Special. Our Airsmith casts his eye over Tanaka's M36.

7/30/2002 : Thompson Contender The Pocket Sniper. Mark reviews the seriously upgraded Thompson Contender - or 'Moose Gun'.

8/1/2002 : Tokyo Marui Knight's SR-16 Mark takes us through his upgraded Stoner.

7/30/2002 : Western Arms Wilson Combat. The 2 Marks take a pre-upgrade look at the Wilson Combat.