Latest news

10/8/2002 : October 20th game confirmed. Full details of this scripted day to follow.

9/18/2002 : Zero One Order. Requests in by Friday 11th October am.

9/4/2002 : Gas order. Anyone requiring gas please head over to the forums ASAP.

8/28/2002 : September gaming. 2 occasions announced - Sunday 1st and Sunday 8th September.

8/28/2002 : Visiting players - September 8th. We have a party of 8 joining us for the day's play.

8/28/2002 : Micro Uzi for sale. Full details over in the trading section of the Forums.

8/13/2002 : Next game date. Sunday 25th August.

8/6/2002 : Night game confirmed. Saturday 10th August.

8/3/2002 : Sunday 4th August Game. Pictures now up in the Forum.

7/30/2002 : !UPDATED! Kit for sale. Full details are over at the Forums.