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Airsoft KGB - The Spring Overnighter - April 1st - 2nd 2006.

The Siege of Khe Sanh.

Get in!

The Vietnam War was perpetuated by years of conflict and division in the region. Since the end of WWII, many countries had laid claim to the emerald land of Vietnam. With the withdrawal of the French, North Vietnam assisted by other local communist powers sought to gain control of South Vietnam, which eventually drew the Americans into the conflict. Khe Sanh is located a short distance south of the De-Militarised Zone (DMZ) close to the border with Laos. It was to be the scene of long and bloody battles as the Viet Cong (VC) and the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) sought to gain control of the base.

For the Americans, this base was a vital forward operating base, which provided a much needed Airstrip for reconnaissance aircraft and Forward Air Control (FAC) planes to launch their missions from. The base also provided a home for many American Special Forces personnel and units of the Special Observations Group (SOG), a crack covert operations unit despite its seemingly bland name. The base was initially set up in July 1962 with the arrival of First Special Forces A-detachment and the subsequent building of the airstrip in September. The Special Forces build a camp near to the Airstrip at Khe Sanh and this becomes the site of the Khe Sanh Combat Base (KSCB).

The base is reinforced during 1967 with a contingent of the 9th Marines being stationed there as its resident defence company. April 24th 1967, Bravo Company, 1st Battalion of the 9th Marines engages the NVA north of hill 861 and this prematurely triggers the attacks on the base at Khe Sanh. Numerous battles rage in the hills around the base at Khe Sanh in the coming months, with sporadic attacks on the base itself. Nearing the end of 1967, the war around the base at Khe Sanh has resulted in the death of more than 200 US Marines and over 1000 NVA and VC soldiers. On the 21st December 1967, 3rd Battalion of the 26th Marines conducts a 5 day sweep to the west of the base and uncovers evidence of a large enemy build up in the area around the KSCB.

On Jan. 2, 1968, a Marine listening post outside the defensive wire at Khe Sanh radioed a whispered report of movement. An eight man patrol was sent out to reinforce the L.P. There was an exchange of gunfire and the next morning the riddled bodies of five high-ranking North Vietnamese officers were found. They were believed to be a regimental commander and his staff ...

AirsoftKGB is proud to announce the first of this years's 3 Cornish overnighters - the Seige of Khe Sanh. The weekend will be a Vietnam themed event and will be run along our ever popular Hardcore lines. For those of you uninitiated in these, it means that there will be a number of objectives and tasks presented to both sides over the course of the excercise. You should be of a reasonable level of physical fitness as these tend to be tougher than the "speedball" type of game that some players from outside the area may be more used to. The game is fully open ended - which manes its game on from when it opens to the close of play. How you achieve your objectives - and indeed, which you want to go for are entirely down to you. There are no formal breaks for food or reloading and as such you'll be expected to carry all your in game kit in the field with you from ammo to food, water and spare batteries.

While all the latest information (including details of medic rules and a more detailed scenario) will be added here the best place to address any questions or join in the pre-overnighter banter is over at the relevant thread on the forums.

You will need to bring a tent as there is no covered accomodation. Cold running water is available onsite, as is a microwave, kettle and battery charging facilities. There are local amenities within a short drive.

The cost for the weekend will be 20 (there will be an additional 5 camping fee should you wish to come down on the Friday evening). 0.2g Excels will be available to buy on site (10 for a bottle of 6000). In addition there will be a supply of gas, .45g 8mm and .36g 6mm ammo on a first come first served basis.

There is also hire kit available - so please drop The Chef a PM to for full booking details.

What to bring

If you're turning up early (on Friday) please note although there will be designated areas where you can setup kit there will be *no* games being run.

Please note :

- A couple of changes of warm clothing (no jeans / denim will be allowed - trust us you'll freeze)
- Good walking / para boots (no trainers will be allowed)
- Warm sleeping bag
- Plenty of food
- Beer (war is hell after all ...)

If you're new to the site then the following areas wil be useful :

Recommendations for what to bring and look out for.

How to get here.

Site Rules.

And last but not least ...

The Gallery to see what the site's like.