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Nick Peres : Niv

Primary Weapon : Thompson M1A1.

Backup Weapon : M1911A.

Airsofting since : March 2002.

Most likely to say : I've got a rash on my leg.

Least likely to say : I'm proud of my actions.

Play style and team role : My play style is quite WW2 strategy based, basically I run everywhere. I haven't worked along with KGB enough to inherit any team role, but I do command a great little WW2 team that don't ever win anything- SSS.

Best ever airsoft moment : Got to be kicking down the firebase door into Fusion'ss leg, or leading a 30 man assault up hamburger hill at Combat South.

Ideal airsoft event : Well obviously it would have to be WW2 themed - perhaps something on a beach, or assulting a village like the battle of Foy. I love getting in the zone and risking it all for a little praise :)

Recommended piece of airsoft related kit : Its gotto be my big helmet, its not everyday you can bang it and it not leave a dent.

Like most about airsoft : Living life dangerously. The team work and applause for players who do well. Theres a real sense of credit at Alamo for people's actions - unlike other sites I know of. And perhaps on a cheesey note, the friendship built on it.

Like least about airsoft : People that play but can't be bothered to put the effort in, not taking hits and dishing out a couple of rounds to your face after you've called out. What about those guys who wear SWAT stuff when they are playing in the woodland - gosh they must be cool.