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The TeamKGB Philosophy.


To understand our team it is necessary to understand our motivations and style of play. It is also helpful to examine a little of our history.

TeamKGB was originally formed over 3 years ago by a group of Airsoft enthusiasts looking for opportunities to play regularly in Cornwall. In order to achieve this these players arranged an agreement with Spirit of the West American Theme Park and a small Airsoft concern called Alamo. Over the years the founding members of TeamKGB and of Alamo have worked very closely together forming Cornwall's premier Airsoft side. During a re-organisation in 2002 members of TeamKGB formally assumed control over Alamo. This led to an increasing number of visits to other sites including Sopley and Stirling Services where TeamKGB has built a reputation of aquitting itself with a degree of style, honour and general drunken rowdyness.

In recent months changes have again taken place in the structure of the Alamo site and TeamKGB. This has resulted in the leading players of TeamKGB stepping away from Alamo in order to allow both new blood and direction to occur and for them to concentate more on building the team up from the strong foundations they laid.


TeamKGB is composed of a group of firm friends and Airsoft Professionals (or according to SO19 stalwart "Baz", a bunch of f*cking animals).

Aside from the nobel bonds of friendship, not to mention mutal debts incurred by Airsoft purchases, the members of TeamKGB are linked by a number of unshakeable principles.

First and formost amongst these is an addiction to Vodka in all its forms but preferably :

  • Stolichyna

  • Rodnik

  • Grey Goose

  • The others in no particular order are :

  • Pasties and Cornish Nationalism

  • Russia in particular the civilized and humane example of the Spetznaz

  • Grenades and pyros in all forms

  • Honesty and sportsmanship

  • All out agression

  • Alyson Hannigan and Nigella Lawson

  • And whilst due to our employment of Flecktarn we may all look like Big Issue sellers (well Blondie does at any rate) be aware that our kit thanks to the careful ministrations of team Airsmiths Victor and Hacksaw is as good as it gets.