Mark 'Blondie' Ormerod

Name : Mark Ormerod

Callsign : Blondie

Primary Weapon : Knights SR16 / M1100 Defender

Secondary Weapon : Wilson Combat / Colt National Match

'Blondie' probably has the cleanest kit of anyone in Alamo. The only thing he spends more time cleaning is his hair. Impervious to the local midge population he is rumoured to be able to turn himself into vegetable matter varying between silent, stealthy infiltration and all out psychosis.

For my main weapon I'm using an upgraded TM Knight's Stoner SR-16 rifle. Currently turning out a pretty constant 310 FPS I have a 32x4 Simmons Shotgun scope mounted on the top RIS rail - perfect for burst fire and spotting. I tend to use 0.20g as even with a cross wind the hop allows me accurate fire at anything up to 100 yards. I use 2 300 round hi-caps (.20g) but can switch to a pair of 60 round lo-caps with 0.25g BB's for sniping and 'gardening' duties. The stoner has come in for some criticism due to its size - personally I blame the accuser for being a midget - I've never had any issues with it even in the dense swamp thickets at Alamo...

For CQB I switch to a Maruzen M1100 Defender - with a spare gas tank and plenty of spare cartridges. It has a lot of power for close work and an impressive cycle rate. Perfect for room clearances and taking out the point man of an assault team.

My sidearm is a Wilson Hicap Combat - now with a custom Springfield mark (in remebrance of my much loved and now retired KWC Springfield Centimetre). I use 0.25g BB's for stopping power and accuracy as well high power green gas. Of all the pistols I've used the Wilson is by far the most impressive - accurate, powerful with a high cycle rate its perfect both for CQB and snap fire in the field.

For a backup, after much deliberation, I've gone right back to basics having recently aquired a KWC metal bodied springer - the Colt National Match. Very similar in appearance to the Wilson, it's surpringly powerful for a springer and is pin point accurate. It has an excellent solid feel to it and so far, its proving extremely useful out in the field for quiet 'sniping'.

Away from Airsoft you can find me in the water somewhere in Cornwall or if the weather is poor with no swell then I'll probably be doing something involving my large collection of gaming stuff.

Alamo favourite : Storming the firebase with the help of Mr Wilson.

Standard tactic : Move silently, constantly and terminate with extreme prejudice.