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Featured Player
Alex 'von Bumbledorf' von Brockdorff 

Mark 'Blondie' Ormerod

Name : Mark Ormerod

Callsign : Blondie

Primary Weapon : Custom SR15-SD

Secondary Weapon : Custom Inifinity 5'' railed.

'Blondie' probably has the cleanest kit of anyone in Alamo. The only thing he spends more time cleaning is his hair. Impervious to the local midge population he is rumoured to be able to turn himself into vegetable matter varying between silent, stealthy infiltration and all out psychosis.

For my main weapon I'm using 'Grace', a fully customised and metal'd SR-15-SD. If I wasn't happily married, I'd sleep with her.

For my sidearm I've gone for power and accuracy after retiring my much used Wilson and replacing her with a modified metal'd Infinity - a 'Watkins' custom special.

The best piece of kit I currently own is my 2 litre Camelback - the best 35 I ever spent.

Away from Airsoft you can find me in the water somewhere in Cornwall as I'm a keen surfer and wreck diver. I also run and weight train regularly. If the weather is poor with no swell then I'll probably be doing something involving my large collection of gaming stuff - currently perfecting my Panzer Dragoon Orta techniques.

Alamo favourite : When not making offensive and potentially libellous comments then going native and getting extremely wet and filthy out in the woods. You can never have too much mud or brambles in my opinion.

Standard tactic : Move silently, constantly and terminate with extreme prejudice.

How would you describe your Gaming Style and role on the team?

I've got two different roles in the team.

The first obviously involves working closely with the rest of the command group - something which I relish. The KGB guys are a truly great bunch and you don't generally have to ask them to do anything twice - in fact as our recent escapades at Stirling proved they've generally thought of it and done it already.

My playing style is best described as intense. I'm at my happiest when I'm in deep in a thicket somewhere or crawling up to my neck through a swamp. I love woodland combat - and normally I'll break off from the rest of our attack squad to actually attack the enemy from within. I normally pick their weakest flank, inflitrate through their lines and them snipe them from the rear - knocking out 3 or 4 before bugging out. I'm a very stealthy and fast player - I've always been a bit of a fitness fanatic on the quiet which also helps - so if there's ever a requirement for something to quickly get a surprise attack or stolen (I'm the master of 'CTF' with my buddy AJ) then its down to me. I've also been known to provide an effective counter-sniping solution. What I don't do is dig in and stay put.

Which was your best ever game and why?

There's two stand out moments. One over 10 years ago during a woodland springer game with Mark ('Victor') back in Aber. As always it came down to the two of us. I managed to crawl through a thick carpet of ferns to observe him holed up in the base of a tree with his - for those days - technically stunning MP5 (spring) with red dot site. I popped up and snap shot with my Spingfield - putting the BB straight through the scope - in the front, out the back - and into him, winning the game. It was one in a million and to this day I'm known to tell the tale at the slightest provecation.

More recently I think it had to be during a capture the flag game. Mark ('Victor') had rigged our flag with enough Maroons to give someone a serious headache and dug himself in deep. The plan was to fortify our emplacement whilst a small and fast team attempted to locate their flag and do the damage. With Dom covering the rear myself and AJ broke out into the thick swamp and oak woodland that marks the western boundary of our site. I was in my element - quickly blazing a trail through the marsh and working with my second, AJ. It took us about 45 minutes of quiet infiltration and avoiding enemy patrols who at times were just yards away before we waded out of the stream and into the rear of the firebase. We carried out a textbook clearance of the base with AJ pulling off a classic snapshot with his Benelli. Scratch one heavy support modfied Stoner on their side. I covered the rear of the base and located the flag as AJ abondoned the Benelli and pulled out a silenced Glock - (this kid has style I can tell you) beautifully capping Simon ('Hacksaw') - incidentally who'd sold it to him that morning - as I liberated the flag.

We immediately pulled out and as soon as were in hard cover held a quick conflab. So far it had all gone according to plan - the enemy by now knew their flag had fallen but had no idea in which direction we had left. I decided we needed to go via an indirect route to our original insertion point to the rear of the base - the plan again being to avoid any contact with the enemy. We needed to be fast, silent, utterly professional and avoid all tracks and paths where possible. We immediately chose the route we knew no one else in their right minds would consider - seconds later we were waist deep in mud as we tensely negotiated our way to the one track we had to cross before the sanctity of the thicket and stream were ours. We arrived silenty and quickly scoured the perimeter for hostiles. It was clear, so we broke cover at the same (50 yards apart with me taking the more exposed flank). AJ was to run hell for leather if things kicked off and wait for 5 minutes at our designated ERV to see if I'd made it should things get noisy. We were over the track in a heartbeat and quickly moved up the stream and into the thick swamp again.

A quick Radio check with Victor and Dom confirmed things were hostile but secure at our encampment. We moved up again, excercising extreme caution. We were facing the last exposed crossing before we were home and dry. Stopping momentarily to adjust our camo paint (laugh away, if you're going to be a hero, you might as well look good) and I radio checked in with Dom. Our flank was clear aside from Marv who was keeping Dom's head down. I asked Dom if he could goad Marv into firing - which he did with a burst from his G3. Marv rattled off a burst back - allowing me to pop over the bank and spray his back. Quick as a flash myself and AJ dove over the track and down the ambankment into the woods. I could hear Mark ('Victor') rattling off his MP5 up by the flag and I knew we were home and dry as I saw Dom dug in below a fallen tree. We quickly moved to the rear of our camp and into the open river island. I saw Allan Meggs at the end of my range rattling into Mark's postion. I adjusted my aim for the wind and loosed a quick burst, allowing myself a smile as Allan went down. Only Brocky stood between ourselves and our own flag - we needed to place the captured one next to it to it to win. Despite his speed AJ went down to a burst from Bumbledorff. Immediately I dropped and without thinking crashed through 12 foot of solid gorse to land in the stream below Mark ('Victor'). He gave me the precise location of Mr. Bumbledorff - allowing me to put a full burst as I popped up from the trench in which the stream was situated. I was on fire - and Mark's directions so spot on that poor Brocky ended up with a face full of 0.2's.

One and a half hours of pure adrenaline - every muscle screaming and every nerve on edge. I'll never forget that one.

Which other players, do you work well with and why?

Anyone in the team. They all rock, full stop. If I had to choose then Mark 'Victor' Watkins - I've been playing for over a decade with him. We instinctively know what each other are thinking and his uncanny sixth sense is damned useful in CQB. Obviously AJ - my trusty second. He's the only player mad (stupid?) enough to keep up with me and the crap I charge headlong into. Always a pleasure to work with.

What's your standard loadout and why?

I use a pretty standard loadout for all situations - keep it light and tight are my watch words.

'Grace' my custom SR15. Suffice to say she's been described as an 'SR-15 Evo' by Hacksaw...

Ditto my current sidearm - a 'Watkins' custom Infinity - the 'Evo' of the GBB world.

I'm now using a gorgeous piece of Russian kit (do these guys make anything that isn't ?) - a Tarzan M22 assault vest with an M9 bayonet (rubber I hasten to add) on the left knife loop.

Why an M9 ? Well for some reason as the entire team have these (and despite the fact that being rubber they're about as much threat as a rougue marital aid) they put the willies up the opposition and make you feel all 'manly'.

The M22 webbing is arranged as follows :

8xG+P 130 mags with mag puls for easy access internally - and 1 on the gun.

4xspare SV Clips so I can ditch the rifle and go native in the woods for extra stealth.

The M22 is extremely comfortable and has enough pockets and pouches that I can deploy my entire loadout. Perfect.

Which skills are your best and get results?

My speed, fitness and stealth in the woods. There's nothing I won't climb over/through/into or fall out of to get a kill.

Which areas would you like to improve on?

Still working on my CQB - my biggest problem is recklessness which I'm trying to overcome. I'm sure my team mates would say 'blue on blue' but hell, the way I see it a kill is still a kill and if you're in my line of sight you're a target. Right... ?

What do you hate about Airsoft and why?

Unreliable kit and frothers. Neither have a place in my world.

What would be your dream game ?

A 5 day (or longer) 'hardcore' game. 24 hour gametime - no timeouts. Preferably in mature oak woodland somewhere on the Northwest coat of Scotland and in the mother of all playing areas size wise.