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Dave Barden : Stargate

Primary Weapon : TM AK Beta Spetsnaz.

Backup Weapon : CA870 CQB, Tanaka SAA pimp gun, WA M92f INOX pimp, Derringer.

Airsofting since : Sometime in 2000 I think?.

Most likely to say : Anything offensive.

Least likely to say : No I don't want anything to drink.

Play style and team role : My main role is in the assault part of the team, meaning I get to shout abuse while charging people/buildings while at the same time trying to stop Blondie getting killed.  I also carry out point duties while we are being sneaky.

Best ever airsoft moment : Myself, Blondie and Darth Victor holding the courthouse at Sennybridge against overwhelming odds using just two revolvers and a shotgun between us.

Ideal airsoft event : Sennybridge with loads of beautiful women giving out free vodka and massages.

Recommended piece of airsoft related kit : Water!  Always carry water! Oh a gun that works helps as well.

Like most about airsoft : Banter and the social aspect in general, plus I get to shoot people whilst I have a hangover.

Like least about airsoft : Cheats, and people who insult my team members for no reason at all.