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Mark Watkins : Victor

Primary Weapon : Tanaka M700 Take Down.

Backup Weapon : All sorts of evil stuff.

Airsofting since : 1982, no idea what month though.

Most likely to say : Well pretty much anything that could be described by the average muppet as arrogant and posh.

Least likely to say : I surrender.

Play style and team role : Chief lunatic in the asylum or the guy in charge, whichever takes your fancy. My style of play varies depending on the state of my hangover but I can usually be found somewhere in the middle of whatever trouble we've started using Blondie and a convenient body shield, taking potshots at anyone daft enough to shoot at me.

Best ever airsoft moment : Honestely, hundreds of them, both at home and away. Generally though if you want to see me with an evil grin on my face get me into a serious CQB building fight.

Ideal airsoft event : All airsoft events are ideal.

Recommended piece of airsoft related kit : Probably BB's......well without them we wouln't be able to play properly would we.

Like most about airsoft : Honestly, sheer competitiveness. I really don't mind if I win or lose but I do like to have to work hard at a game.

Like least about airsoft : Stupidity and childish behaviour.